Better Together


UNITEY Community Development Corporation is an organization committed to building and connecting a bridge for the youth and young adult residents of our communities.

We are committed to being the culture broker who connects Level Up! program participants to private, public and non-profit sectors by providing a holistic and streamline approach for access to social and human services, assuring a quality tomorrow for the youth and young adults of Memphis, TN.

Learning Through Culinary and Musical Arts

The UNITEY Culinary and Musical Arts series aims to celebrate, increase knowledge and stimulate civic pride and cultural awareness of historical accomplishments of notable Blacks from the Memphis area and throughout our nation. A direct benefit is the revelation of a common pride and a common history that simultaneously invigorates the Black community while fostering mutual understanding and helping unify the Memphis community as a whole.

Food Traditions are not only rooted in historical meaning but also serves as the vehicle for the transmission of oral narratives. By combining musical and culinary heritage with history we provide a more comprehensive backdrop to tell Black’s collective story.

High school students will produce a “cookbook” that links notable accomplishments by Blacks from Memphis with food and music in a thematically cohesive manner. At the program’s conclusion, students will perform for the Memphis community in a series of events that celebrate all three mediums: history, culinary and music arts.


Civic Engagement,

Education, History

Our programming is centered around three core areas: Civic Engagement, Education, & History. Our latest series “Learning Through Culinary & Musical Arts” explores these areas from a creative perspective. Through the unique lens of food and music, students learn the historical impact blacks have made in these areas. Moreover, students will learn how these legacies impact us today.

Bridging the

Generational Gap

Our programming emphasizes intergenerational approach that align with these core values:

  • Every generation is vital to the survival and success of the other
  • Collaborative learning experiences between generations increase the likelihood of future generational success
  • Civic Engagement opportunities between generations strengthens trust, understanding, and unity among each generation


In 1997, Linda F. Parham came to the City of Worcester with hopes of starting a new life. As an entrepreneur, she started Skills Group Center, Inc., an outreach for the people of color in the Central Massachusetts area. Skills Group Center, Inc. was born out of a community need for trained, educated, and self-sufficient residents in Worcester.

An idea, passion and commitment to help people ignited the humble beginnings of the organization at the kitchen table of Ms. Parham. At the time of it’s inception, Ms. Parham felt it was better for the organization to focus on specific demographics rather than focus on all community residents. However, she decided that even though the services and opportunities were primarily developed to answer the needs of people of color, no person would be turned away due to their race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or gender.

In 2012, Skills Group Center changed its name to UNITEY Community Development Corporation. UNITEY CDC is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The organization’s concept is one that initiates, promotes, and fosters education, human and social service, economic development, and, affordable housing. Through public and private collaborations and mentorship, our programs will produce a positive and sustaining impact in the lives of youth and young adults who reside in low to moderate income communities within the City of Memphis.

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